Summer months are one of the best times of the year to cash in on maintenance and repair product sales. Big box stores can give garages, shop owners, and jobbers a run for their money. Don’t let them rob from your bottom line! Target customers by featuring fast-selling products in a rotator or flyer on your hometab homepage.

Fast Selling Summer Items for Product Flyers and Rotators:

  • Touchup paint
  • Paint Polish and Wax
  • Detailing chemicals
  • Air filters
  • Car Wash Shampoo
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaner
  • Air fresheners
  • Freon (134a, 1234YF)
  • A/C system cleaners
  • A/C oil
  • A/C dye and leak detectors
  • Odor eliminators
  • Stop leak products


Sound Press can build flyers and rotators for you, and link items to Stock Check directly in your ecommerce platform. Contact us today to get started marketing your summer maintenance/repair products and ultimately improve sales!
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