Fall Product Sales

As the weather begins to turn, your customers will have numerous car-care maintenance items that need to be addressed before the snow arrives. Make sure your customers are stocked up on all of the necessary change-of-weather essentials. Fast-selling fall items for product flyers and rotators include: Complete Fuel Treatment Antifreeze/Coolant Complete Engine Treatment ArmorAll Wipes … Continued

PowerSport Product Sales

See below for an example of a PowerSport PDF. Contact Sound Press today to have us design a flyer like this for your Warehouse!  

5 Ways to Effectively Launch Specials or New Products in CONNECTION

Are you launching a new product or manufacturer line? Have you wondered what the best way to launch a new product within CONNECTION is to have the most impact? There are a few best-practices and guiding principles that will help you get the word out and maximize reach to your customer base. 1 – Print/Digital … Continued

Grote Product Offering

For the last 4 years, Sound Press has been working directly with manufacturers to obtain and populate The Market catalog with quality product data & content. One of the distributors we have recently connected with is Grote, makers of heavy-duty lighting and accessories. After months of labor, we have nearly 3000 heavy-duty lighting and accessory … Continued

Spring Product Sales

With Spring right around the corner, your end-users will have numerous car-care maintenance items that need to be addressed. Make sure your customers are stocked up on all of the necessary change-of-weather essentials such as: Wash & wax products Floor mats & Liners Windshield washer fluid Wiper blades Air filters Spark plugs Gas treatments Motor … Continued

Your website and User Experience

Whether you like it or not, the look and feel of your website have a direct impact on the perceived professionalism of your company and if new or potential clients will take you seriously. Statistics show that simply having a website is not enough. Your website must be easy to navigate and speak to your … Continued

Winter Product Sales

Winter can be a goldmine for sales for Automotive Distributors. Lots of Garages and Shop Owners and even Jobbers end up going to the big box stores in Winter time. Fast selling and emergency items like shovels and snowmelt often catch businesses by surprise in Winter weather emergencies. Get the word out to your customers … Continued

Summer Product Sales

Summer months are one of the best times of the year to cash in on maintenance and repair product sales. Big box stores can give garages, shop owners, and jobbers a run for their money. Don’t let them rob from your bottom line! Target customers by featuring fast-selling products in a rotator or flyer on … Continued

Sell More in Connection

6 things you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to sell more in CONNECTION! Your CONNECTION account is packed with marketing and sales potential just waiting to be harnessed. Sound Press has built and managed many hometab sites across various markets and have identified 6 major factors that will help keep your CONNECTION account effective … Continued

Hometab Default Landing Page

To make your hometab site the default landing page upon login to CONNECTION, follow these simple steps: Log into your CONNECTION admin account at https://admin.acdelcoconnection.com Click on “Distributor Configuration” in the main menu The very top field will read “Home Tab URL:”. In this field you can input the landing page that you want your … Continued