5 Ways to Effectively Launch Specials or New Products in CONNECTION

Are you launching a new product or manufacturer line? Have you wondered what the best way to launch a new product within CONNECTION is to have the most impact? There are a few best-practices and guiding principles that will help you get the word out and maximize reach to your customer base.

1 – Print/Digital Sales Flyers – Whether you design your own flyers in-house or have Sound Press design flyers for your warehouse, creating a digital and/or print PDF should always be the first step to communicating new specials, promos or products to your customers.

2 – CONNECTION opening page – Once a simple flyer is in place, the “CONNECTION Messaging” options in your admin account are by far the easiest and most effective way to GUARANTEE that all of your CONNECTION users are aware of your specials, promos or new products.

3 – Hometab Homepage product rotators – Sound Press can help load in your new products into an appealing and easy-to-use homepage product rotator. Homepage product rotators are eye-catching and will allow your end-users to make quick purchases rather than having to call in an order.

4 – The Market “Specials tab” – CONNECTION’S non-application catalog, The Market, contains a Specials area for specifically listing your monthly, quarterly, or seasonal specials. If you run regular monthly or quarterly specials, this will help save time and help your customers know where they can always find the most up-to-date promotions from your warehouse.

5 – Email marketing – Email marketing continues to be a proven B2B communication and marketing tool. Sound Press offers a variety of email marketing services, including Email template design, List cleanup and management, Content writing, and Email campaign management.

Talk to us today about optimizing your monthly specials, seasonal specials, or new product announcements to reach the most users and affect your bottom line.